1 year Anniversary

As I sit here in tears reflecting on the life I had a year ago. I was a kid just getting back from one of the best and most exhilarating experiences of the lifetime.The life I was living then was completely surrounding everything to God. Everything I had in life I surrendered to God. Dts made it easy to do that because you are living in an environment that everyone around you is doing nothing but gazing their eyes upon the lord. Dts was the foundation that was formed to with stand sin and the weight of it for eternity. Dts was the biggest christian community I have ever had in life. Everyone in my awaken group looked out for each other while in Dts. It was a firm culture that us youngins formed to feel the presences of the lord completely as one body of Christ. The sensation of the lord’s presence was definitely there when one or more of us were gathered. The feeling of joy that over flowed my heart during this time of life was unbearable somedays but totally worth it.

Love ~the deep sense of affection for something or someone

The love from the father was something I have never experienced. I’ve never realized that love wasn’t just defined in the actions you do but also in the words you speak. Everyone at Dts did nothing but speak words of love and not hatred.This really helped build up the culture of love and kindness to each member of the Awaken crew.

Then after Dts I entered into a new phase of my experience and that was entering into the real world and giving people a new definition of love and understanding of who God is and what he can do. I entered the world and country of Asia. Walking the streets of this over populated country was devastating. As I looked into the eyes of these people of that nation I saw sad eyes that were searching for a new understanding of love. Well good news was God sent me forward as well as my team of 5. We went into this nation bringing the truth and the love we found in Kona (where I did my Dts at). Teaching them and giving them a new understanding of what love really means and where it really comes from. The impact my powerful team of 6 left on this nation was incredible. Till this day I talk to my friends I made from Asia. I miss each and everyone of them so badly and hope that the lord continues to touch their hearts over the years of their lives here on earth.
Here’s somethings that happened in 2014:
-2 Marathons complete

-Started to attend Temple University
-Changed major
-quit Starbucks!
-Applied for my first internship and got it but sadly had to decline it
-traveled to: San Diego,New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami, Key West
(key West)

The best accomplishment that happened this year was my completion of two marathons. Its amazing that I was able to complete two. It was awesome to see the support from my sister, my sister’s fiance, and Gary at my second marathon right in the heart of Philly. My future running plans aren’t set yet but I hope to have some training plan in progress with in the next couple of weeks or even in a month. Living without running is like living without food or air. My body doesn’t know what to do when it isn’t running weekly. Until I start training again I might consider just running 40 miles casually weekly, so I don’t get out of shape. But running is my life besides work and then school. I find running to be pretty much the most important thing in my life currently besides Kacey.

Also I do continue to talk to Morgan as well as a couple of other Dts friends but Morgan primarily. Its amazing to see the best-est friend I have in life now came from this experience in Asia and in Kona. Another thing I actually really do miss in my fellow teammates. These kids have some pretty big hearts with dealing with me in Asia. Its awesome to follow their lives currently and see that they are still running for the lord. I miss celebrating Thanksgiving with them to visiting orphanages with them. Another thing was the uniqueness in there cooking skills. I just hope that each of them are still perfecting rice cooking or Korean cooking thanks to Esther and her fabulous skills at makin’ that delics Korean dish. O and to when Aubrey was probably voted the best mac and cheese maker on the planet on our trip too (she may have burnt it). But overall I miss them and wish them the best of luck in life and hope that someday we will talk or even meet again.

Kacey Update too!!!!

Kacey is still my number one fan in life. I love her with all of my heart and pretty much treat her like a person haha. She is my rock in life and completely understands me and gets me. It’s pretty cool to have a best friend again. The best part about Kacey is she never gives wrong advise, she is always right except when she doesn’t listen to me and runs after leaves or is to busy trying to lick up all the snow off the ground but besides all of that she is the perfect best friend I could have. Some day I will teach her how to walk but for now she will be on her four paws until she is old enough to start walking. on two feet.


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